Husam Abed was born in 1980. He is a Palestinian Jordanian versatile artist with multilayered projects in his art career. He is a theatre creator, director, performer, puppeteer, musician and producer living in Prague, Czech Republic. He started his practice-based research PhD at Bath Spa University/UK. He holds a Master of directing for Drama and theatre at Alternative and Puppet Theatre faculty/ Academy of Performing Arts/Czech Republic.

He is known for his puppet theatre work under: Dafa Puppet Theatre, a multi-awarded theatre company based in Prague. Dafa was co-founded by Husam Abed and his wife, a Hungarian puppeteer and stage designer Reka Deak in 2015.

As a community theatre maker and facilitator, he believes in theatre as a public practice, a tool for social change, for rewriting personal and collective history and for finding new narrations. Theatre for him is a style of life and existence more than an art form: a medium for expression, communication, inclusion and connecting through differences. The themes and visions in his work focused on exile, war, home, dreams, man vs nature, family relations, human relations' cruelty and daily struggles.