Up to the Light, 2019

Director: Husam Abed, Assistant Director: Razan Mbaideen Devised theatre performance, mixing object and physical theatre, based on the “FEAR” theme in collaboration with Seenaryo/UK supported by Australian Embassy. Working from scratch with refugees from Sudan, Syria, Palestine and local participants to find themes concern them including discovery exercises and search through fairy tales from region, authorial fairytales, personal questions, real events, childhood memories and associations. The gathered materials were joint in a structure that was rehearsed and performed in Amman then toured around other cities and villages.

CC by Seenaryo @ Haya Cultural Center, Jordan, April 2019.

Delicious Cocktail Bun, Hong Kong May/June 2019

Director: Husam Abed, Art Director: Simon Wong, Stage designer: Pat Ho, Performers: Chung, Nico Chio, Object theatre performance based on a fictional story by Simon Wong, mixed with real historical events provoking questions of identity.

CC by MingRi Institute for Art Education @ Tsuen Wan Cultural Center, Hong Kong, May/June 2019.

Sunshine and Rain or how I become a puppeteer

Trittbrettl Theatre, Austria

The old tape of his late father leads Heini back to his childhood memories. He begins to reconstruct the world of his childhood, in which he lived as a boy: a child who explores imaginative landscapes and adventures, deep feelings and self-expression and the world in which he lives and its tensions and grief in play tried - and thereby found the way to the art of puppetry.

Director: Husam Abed | Stage design: Mirjam Staengl | Dramaturgy: Jakob Brossmann | Puppeteer: Heini Brossman | Technician: Klaus Schwarz |2019

A tale or two for Alef

In collaboration with LAMDA / Bahrain

There was a girl named Alef (she was a little shy) but armed with a great curiosity and twinkle in her eye, she begins a long and hard journey towards the mysterious and magical land of gold. In her journey she meets four friends, who have had to leave their home; together they discover new worlds, face wonder and danger, learn and play as they roam.

Director: Husam Abed | Stage Design: Réka Deák | Story writer & Dramaturge: Kanwal Hameed | Choreograph: Ruqaya Amer| Performers: Moaataz Al Deeb, Yulia Stillash, Sawsan Hassan, Shoug Naimi, Saleh El Derazi, Saed Dajani | Produced by Economic Development Board, Bahrain (sponsor of Spring of Culture) | 2017