Puppetry and physical storytelling workshop with refugees in Austria

Through 5 days’ puppetry and physical storytelling workshop the participants, 21 to 43 years old, shared their personal stories and transformed them into puppet scenes. Short presentations on the last day were delivered to the audience by using paper puppet and shadow theatre techniques.

Reka Deak, Monica Hunken, Husam Abed, Maia Chanvin | Radio B-138, Austria | Workshop | 2016

Wonder box making and Physical storytelling with/by Refugees’ adults in Austria

Organized and Wels Puppet Theatre Festival/Austria

The participants, refugees’ adults from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria: journalists, teachers, social workers and youth used physical storytelling techniques and the wonder box techniques to express themselves and share personal stories. Documentary theatre tools were used. Short presentations on the last day were open for the public at the Museum of Archeology in Wels. Participants were taking places on three floors and the audience were guided to each story.

Reka Deak, Husam Abed | Museum of Archeology | Workshop | 2017

Storytelling & Wonder Box Making Workshop

Funded by ActionAid Jordan

Created with/by Palestinian children between 12-15 years old. 24 children made their own wonder box and shared their personal stories.

Reka Deak, Zoran Petrovic, Husam Abed | CDC, Zarqa camp, Jordan | Workshop | 2014

Wonder box making and storytelling for children


24 Participants 8-12 years old children from Aleppo, Syria worked for a 5 days workshop to create their own wonder box and draw their future dreams inside it.

Reka Deak, Husam Abed | Baqa’a Camp, Jordan | Workshop | 2017

Cc BY Bendi Ayed, Baqáa Camp, Jordan 2017

Husam was inspiring. He represented a ray of creativity and hopeful enthusiasm and it was contagious. Whether it is in a refugee camp, a private school or at the coffee shop where we sat, Abed immediately transports his listener to a world of tales and rich folklore.
Social expose, Jordan Business magazine, Dana Shekem, July 2011.

Making puppets from recycled materials

A tour to 8 Palestinian camps in Jordan funded by A. M. Qattan Foundation

A one-day making puppetry workshop from recycled materials Palestinian refugees camps:: Zarqa / Mahatta / Husson / Baqa’a / Gaza / Soof / Talebya / Madaba

Husam Abed | A Tour to Palestinian Camps, Jordan | Workshop | 2011/2012


Supported by UNHCR and UNFPA

The tour included: family forum puppet theatre performance and workshops for making puppets from recycled materials, found in the camp. 1680 spectators attended the performances in one-month tour.

Family Forum is a performance developed by Dafa Puppet Theatre to tackle social issues facing Syrian refugees in Jordan. The tour included presenting interactive performances about refugees' children and family protection by using forum theatre. Through the performance, we talked about issues that face refugees at the host country/Jordan: child labor, violence based on gender, abuse, early marriage, children-parents separation, disabled children and health awareness.

It is a collage of scenes, where each scene ends on an inspiring note allowing the audience the chance to bring solutions and play roles to solve the conflict that we create in the performance. We allow the audience to reflect on how important it is for them to create positive change from a safe place where they believe in their ability to learn, play and share.

Director: Husam Abed | Stage designer: Reka Deak | Performers: Ahmad Srour, Mohamad Ali, Husam Abed |


I feel convinced by the solutions that were brought by the audience for problems you showed in the presentation. Puppet theatre is interesting.
Noha (17 years old)
The man should understand his wife. They must not fight and the wife should calm down her husband with good and nice speech. The man in return should not get angry for silly things and abuse his wife.
Elayan (28 years old)
We talked about violence against women. There are many women who were abused. I am one of them. My husband divorced me because of violence. I liked the presentation so much and I love to come here to entertain. While I did not have experience with violence of my father on his children since our family consists of eight girls and a boy and my father treats us as friends.
Budoor (24 years old)
Every one seeks his or her freedom. Human beings have the right of full freedom. However, without rushing to be violent. By understanding each other and being calm, the solutions we brought and suggested were effective and we got a good result out of them.
Fatima (20 years old)