What is Ya Khayyal?

Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects was born from a collaboration between Haazart and Dafa Puppet Theatre. Hazaart was established in 2018 in Prague as a hub of performing arts for community work, to create cultural platforms of expression and communication. Hazaart aims to establish and spread alternative and puppet theatre methods worldwide, and reach refugee communities; through shared theatre experiences, that enhance their imagination and creativity. Dafa Puppet Theatre is a multiple award-winning theatre company in Prague. Dafa has performed and created puppet performances and given theatrical workshops all over the world; and was able to reach and impact hundreds of refugees, children and adults. Over the years they developed a reputation for telling evocative and meaningful stories in exciting theatrical ways for children and adults.

Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects aims to give a powerful voice to communities in Jordan, fostered through alternative and puppet theatre. A tool for expression and communication of their histories, hopes, ideas and identities often shaped by poverty and wars. Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects believes in collaborative storytelling through puppetry to engage and increase mutual cultural understanding and inclusion, and to connect across differences. Storytelling has been part of the Arab cultural legacy for thousands of years, retelling the journeys of legends, fables and stories and should have, therefore, its origin within local communities. Inspired by the idea that alternative and puppet theatre can be transforming, Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects exposes local communities to shared theatre experiences.

Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects provides communities in Jordan with a free contemporary platform to express and explore their voice artistically, without judgment and fear of rejection, through the creative language of puppet theatre. A meeting place for a shared voice– loud enough to inspire and to enhance dialogue, creativity and imagination by embracing puppetry for communities in Jordan.

Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects is about freedom, dreams, hope, change, empowerment and connection across difference through inclusive theatre educational programs, high quality productions and festivals developed and communicated by the whole community. Ya Khayyal Theatre Connects unveils the spirit of an Arabian horse- free, courageous and strong and a Arab cultural legacy in folk tales, legends and myths.

Dream Your Way


A Pilot for 2 months Theatre LAB.

Funded by Qattan Foundation In partnership with Haya Cultural Center / Amman and local sponsorships

Youth Lab Participants: refugees and locals, both artists and non-artists went through an intensive 3 weeks of training on theatre improvisation, object theatre, physical storytelling, and making giant puppets from recycled materials. Participants created their own street parade, including their monologues that toured the streets of Amman and other places.

Pedagogues and students from Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU), Jiri Havelka, Branislav Mazuch and Husam Abed led the workshops along Iranian and Palestinian puppeteers.

Project Manager: Janneke Highstreet, Project coordinator: Razan Mbaideen, Art Director: Kamel Abu Yehia.



IN FOCUS: RAGHAD 23 years old
IN FOCUS: RAGHAD 23 years old
Most important thing for me, that I jumped over my boundaries and challenged my fear. I sang even though I am not allowed to by family. I feel much stronger and I will dream my way. Thanks Ya Khayyal
Rewarding to learn that one of Ya Khayyal Theatre Lab. participants Raghad has got a scholarship to attend Master of Puppetry at Budapest, Prague, Bratislava and Bialystok.
The meaningfulness of the workshop is now even stronger after the last news: after Ya Khayyal TheatreLAB one of the participants got an offer from a theatre in Amman to perform there. Another one will apply for fine arts studies at the university in the Czech Republic. And other ones are thinking about creating a puppet show and leading workshops for children
Brano Mazuch, Director of final street performance