Husam is an oud player, a percussionist, songwriter and singer. Husam began his journey with music as a self-taught percussionist in 2009. In 2011, he attended classes with Hearn Gadbois in the city of Prague. As a solo singer accompanied with his frame drum he appeared at cafes and venues in Amman usually after his solo theatre performances. This was the start of his first EP Happening on this day where he collaborated with well-known musicians from Jordan: Tareq Al Jundi, Yacoub Abu Ghoush, Ahmad Barakat, Tareq Abu Kuwaik (El Far3i), Mohammad Abdallah, Derar Shawagfeh, Nasser Salamah, Alaa Takrouri and Ma’an Al sayed. The songs were modern oriental music with critical lyrics, highlighting themes such as: religious sects, poverty, authoritarian regimes and immigration. These songs were recorded especially for a satire puppet theatre performance, carrying the same album name. This successfully perceived performance was created for adults’ audiences and since its premier it had toured in Jordan for more than two years and performed over 50 times. This first experience did not let Husam find his voice fully and he went into a period of exploring and searching. This period brought him into other collaborations where he was featured by hip hop ground-breaking band: Torabya in their famous song: Ghorbah . In 2013, Husam took part at Etno Histeria festival in Slovenia which was a shift in his music career and vision. He did not hesitate to commit himself to attend classes with with frame drum master Nasser Salameh and oud masters Omar Abbad and Tareq Jundi. In 2016, Husam was featured by The Mainstream: Saga Bjorklund Jonson & Nicola Bremer at their progressive house musical Refugee Safari. Lately, in 2020 Husam collaborated with Ivana Mer and Cristian Estrella in their ^Earth^ Album.

Husam’s musical expression widened and this paved the way for two musical projects to come to life during the pandemic: Sokout سكوت (Oud/Guitar) with Dmitri Berzon: together Husam and Dima created an exciting instrumental collaboration with a very specific meditative stream of sounds. They are working on their EP that will be launched in 2022. Duo Xadrez (aka Duo Chess) with Cyril Kaplan, electro music composer and drummer. Both they explore mixing oriental oud tunes with electro music to create a rich sonic experience. Their music was featured as soundtracks for Jiri Zak films . Husam style of music derives from North African blues and jazz, Middle Eastern rhythms, with simple and sometimes complex grooves and emotional expression. Bringing together a sense of apocalyptic, post-war, sharp, poetic, sad yet humoristic exaggerated and surrealistic lyrics, focusing on the personal within the social and political happenings in the context of Arab world and the universe. The lyrics are written by the Palestinian Syrian poet Sa’ad Al Abtah and Husam, themes question fragmented identities, forced and chosen exile, homesickness, documents and borders, anxiety, monstrous reality, dreams, spirituality and absurdity of life are manifesting themselves. The wide span of lyrics experiences from Levantine to Berlin and Prague. The minimalist, soft, meditative yet soulful oud melodies that Husam creates, and his deep, touching and expressive voice found their sharp contrast with the lyrics and the electro music creating a restless tension that makes it rich and unique sonic experience.